Duft Candles. What’s the Best Scented Candle in Germany?

I was spoiled with different great scented candles in the States that when I came to Germany, I looked for them too. We have a very open-layout kitchen/living room and every time I cook, the whole room just end up stinking.. even if I opened the windows while cooking. I cook Asian food everyday.. so pretty much I struggle with this problem every day. I care about it more if we are expecting guests, but still.. I hate rooms that stink. I am currently living in Erlangen, a small city in Bavaria. I would only mention the candles that I’ve used:

Yankee Candle – can be found in Müller. The scents are not as strong as the ones in the States. I was pretty disappointed when the scent was gone after a day of lighting the candle. The price don’t even do us any justice. These jarred candles cost between 10-20€. With that though, these candles are supposed to be one of the best here.

Bolsius – can be also found in Müller. The candles are not as good as the Yankees but Bolsius’s seasonal candles are something to be treasured. Now that it is Fall, you get the sweet and spicy aroma. If you miss the Winter edition of Bath and Body’s, I suggest you give these candles a go.

Pajoma – Sold by Nanu Nana or sometimes in Müller. This is my least favorite… has the weakest scent of all candles. BUT, I found the Reed Diffusers and scented oils to be way much better. One advantage of Pajoma is that they also carry the aroma/scented oils and they have very cute warmers. Just opt for the oil and Reed Diffusers.

The biggest mistake I made was stocking these candles. The power of their scent was gone even before I lit them. IKEA has really good scented candles too but I didn’t light them up yet since they’re too pretty for the eyes and IKEA is something I can’t go with just the bus. Also, the scent has started to fade already even it is not lit yet.

My conclusion is.. they really don’t have good scented candles in Deutschland. They regulate everything in here… even the amount of Cinnamon is regulated! Meaning they care that much.. Bolsius Winter edition would be my favorite and the only candle I would buy really.. the rest, I’ll just pick up the Reed Diffusers .

Wedding Industry Overpriced!

I think we all can make a list of everything that’s overpriced… and I’m pretty sure that it would be a long one. As a Newly Wed, I think the Wedding Industry is ridiculously overpriced! Especially in the Philippines, in relation to the country’s standards of living. But what is the real scope of the problem?

Amateur, Professional and self-proclaimed professional Suppliers will set a number… and every year it goes up. But then, those are just numbers. As what I’ve seen, almost everyone is jumping in to the hype of having a “Royal Wedding, regardless of financial status… and the suppliers are just riding with the wind. Worst of all, Social Media is fueling the desires of having their dream wedding come true. Might not be a problem for those who can afford, but what about those who can’t? Gone are the days of backyard receptions. The thing is, most the folks, even they or their parents can’t afford it, they will still push. And those inconsiderate kids will just leave their parents with huge amount of debt; or they can opt to start their new life with loan. So why really bother? Doesn’t really bother me that much.. only when people come to borrow money and not pay.

So, I will be listing down usual wedding expenses or supplier package in Mindanao area that I know of (Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro, Valencia- Bukidnon). Prices at June-July 2015). Packages pretty much includes everything NECESSARY with the usual 50pcs invitation and give-aways.

Cahatian Package (Valencia City, Bukidnon) – 120, 000php for first 100 persons. This was on June 2015. I attended my cousin’s wedding and it was held at Jocel’s Garden. It was pretty good. The flow of the Program was good. Jocel’s function hall is pretty small and the garden gets pretty hot in the morning. For me personally, for small weddings, I would have opted to have the CEREMONY and RECEPTION altogether in one place. Saves time, not hassle for the guests and just one place to decorate. And really, the garden is not really that impressive.

Wedding Coordination by Jayffer Regis (Iligan City) – 120,000 php for first 100 persons. July 2015. Man.. I thought this was the most beautiful wedding that I ever attended. My bestfriend’s wedding. It was just beautiful. And I’m not sure how Jayffer pulled it off with just a small amount of money. The Bride and Entourage had first user gowns. The Ceremony was at AMC (CMAFI) church and the reception was at Frosty Bites. The food was good. It also includes snacks during cocktail time. The decoration was just FAB. It included 50 invitations. Giveaways were not included. Anyways, the great suppliers included were: Ravie Wong, Silver Couture for HMUA, Jancees for Decor – those three are top-notch. The Videographer, I forgot his name.. but he was an unhappy guy. Lol. Not a major problem though. But Kudos to Sir Jayffer.

Anyways, I said at the title that it’s overpriced. Coz it is.. I will keep this list updated. I’m still waiting for people’s input. My wedding was at CDO and I will surely breakdown the cost down below in a few days. PM me directly or leave a comment below if you can’t wait.

New Language?

With the on-going war in Syria, I have wanted to help the refugees… even not being in the border, but also in the camp. But then, I can’t speak Deutsch, so how in the world will be able to do it?

I’ve been enjoying married life for two months now and our parents are already pushing us to have a baby. Why not? I am currently unemployed.. I could actually put this time in to good.. right? That’s what if not everyone thinks, most of our folks. Well.. Me and my husbands have few reasons. First, we were mostly in a “Long-Distance Relationship” before we got married, so we would want to enjoy our time being together. Kids JUST TAKE UP SO MUCH TIME! Secondly, he’s not yet done with his Doctoral studies.. I really don’t want him to be distracted not that he’s close to being done. And next, for me at least, is the language barrier. My oh my. I remember working with patients who can’t understand English. We have to rely so much on translation agency through interpreter phones. I mean, it’s good that we have that kind of technology now. But what if you get a lazy caregiver who doesn’t wanna go all through those interpreter phones? What about in case of emergencies? So I thought, I want to get a grasp of Deutsch first before planning to be hospitalized.

My Deutsch-course will be starting next week but I have started learning few words already so I won’t be entirely clueless in the class. I would actually talk about the two methods that I used.

First is the Pimsleur Method. Their aim is Hear it, Learn it, Speak it. It is pretty much mostly composed of audio files with very few reading parts. The process is learning like the kids. They were never taught to read but able to talk. Same with Pimsleur. You will be listening to a native speaker and you’ll be repeating after him/her. Hence, dialogues are set-up to be inter-active type. A lesson is bout 20-30mins long per session. It did help me a little bit but not very much. After reaching lesson 10, I only learned very few words and could only construct very few sentences. Considering their price of $199, I don’t think it’s all that worth it.

What I’ve been actually enjoying is Memrise. Like Pimsleur, it is based on repetition. But it actually has visuals too which adds up in learning process. It also doesn’t require too long periods of listening just like with Pimslear. The Developers have actually made this method fun too. I’m on lesson 15 and I’ve learned 300+ words already. It’s just super awesome. It has an app both in Android and iOS or just use the Desktop. If you are interested, just try to Google them. And learning doesn’t have to cost $199… Memrise is FREE.

Pretty awesome, right?

FOND. Free Webhost!

One thing that stopped me before from using self-hosted WordPress blog was the hosting. I sure don’t want to pay for hosting. Good thing, I found a FREE WEBHOST that actually works. You can actually check my website and verify that I’m using a free webhost.

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FOND. COPY – Yet Another CLOUD Storage!

We all love the cloud concept. Although this is not relatively new to our era, it was Dropbox that popularized it. Then iCloud came, Skydrive, Google Drive and the list goes on and on and on.

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Hello World.

Hello World. Definitely the first post that I will do for this year and for this blog. I actually had this blog running for years but was not able to maintain it. Now I have to start all over again, which makes me really excited.

Wordpress DashboardAnd yes, I installed WordPress 3.8.1. I am very much impressed with the UI – the Dashboard looks so clean and pretty with the colored theme options. And the added Screen options come in handy if you want to minimize clutter in your screen. Technology just amazes me.

Do you have the new WordPress edition? What do you think of it? What you platform do you use?